Alicia Qian

filmmaker, sound person, food fanatic

[email protected]

Hello stranger!I'm Alicia Qian [uh-lee-sha chan] (she/her), an aspiring sound designer/filmmaker from the Bay Area and now based in New York City where I am currently getting my BFA in Film & TV at NYU Tisch in the land of pigeons, rats and everything in between.I'm all about telling stories about Asian-Americans, featuring Asian-Americans, for Asian Americans.
I will spend as much time as humanely possible cafe hopping with a good book in my arms or podcast in my ears.
Feel free to contact me for inquiries! (or just say hi)


Kyoto, Japan | Tahoe south, Nevada | Guilin, China

first launch


ghosts collection

"spooky season" (2019)

"Dancing Through the City" (2019)


"Escape" (2021)
A one shot piece - in the midst of isolation and quarantine, what are the different methods of avoiding reality?

"roots" (2021)
found footage - an ode to my parents

"Our Active Shooter Drill" (2019)
PSA advocating for gun control

"Excellence in all things" (2019)
documentary following the career and impact of band director Steve Barnhill



Art & Design


Original audio work

"is she into girls"
-if gay panic were a game show-

"seven Keys to Baldpate"
a spooky radio play

"The lottery" by shirley jackson
-an original audio adaptation-